donderdag 22 december 2011

[upfree44] Jonas The Plug Expert - Los

50:00 minutes of quality rythms, covering the whole range of BPMs. This is Jonas's long awaited third release and second full lenght album for Upitup.
Jonas The Plugexpert is a very prolific artist with more than 10 albums to date and a very distinctive sound. He has been part of Upitup since the early beginning and we are really proud to release this quality album. Includes tracks like Yannis, Blij, Poekie and the epic ending combo Ragg2 and Jah Is For You, that are already big classic anthems at the Upitup Headquarters! Jah is for you and is for mee!
Have it and share it at max during the christmas times! Ps: If you want more, go to Jonas The Plugexpert bandcamp page and you'll find a goldmine! And don't forget his previous releases for Upitup and Acroplane. Peace.

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