Schorremorrie is a 2-weekly radioshow on Radio Centraal. They only play copyleft music, usually found on the world wide web. Every two weeks, on friday morning between 0:00h and 1:00h (CET) and sometimes longer, you can listen to them on Radio Centraal at 106.7FM if you live in Antwerp (Belgium). If you're unlucky, and there's an ocean between the studio and your house, try the live-stream of  Radio Centraal.
What kind of music do they play? Just anything. If it sounds nice or bizar enough, they'll play it. They don't like pop-tunes, and don't expect a night filled with technobeats. Expect the unexpected.

The word 'schorremorrie' is Dutch for 'Riff Raff', and is is often used here to refer to the ordinary people. As a matter of fact, it comes from the old Hebrew words 'schor va chamor', which means 'ox and donkey'. Long time ago the poor people couldn't afford horses, these ordinary people only had oxes and donkeys.