donderdag 1 december 2011

(Upfree43) Tracky Birthday - new album

IT'S OUT!!! After being leaked and sold on eBay, played on national radio in Germany, discussed by the New York Times, abducted by gay aliens and presented to the pope, Tracky Birthday's new album New Album is finally available for free download here on Upitup.

Upfree43 is Mr. Birthday's second solo album and a set of real gloss and boss tracks, too. Featured artists such as Dragan Espenschied, Roglok, Pierlo and of course The Discoghosts join Tracky for yet another adventure through a wacky universe of musical genres, from Ringtone Ragga to Italo Rap, from Plunderphonics to Secretary Disco...

Watching the 15mb release page load is a real happening itself, so fasten your seatbelt and get ready for some serious HD iweb design! Pure PNG-Funk!!!!

Almost three years after passing the Animal Audition, Tracky Birthday has further developed his musical and creative skills a few lightyears, producing palindrome songs and raps about technology or food like it's already 2012.

Download + Info Upitup

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