woensdag 14 december 2011

Second Thought - Another Setting Sun

"Another Setting Sun" is the final album from Second Thought, the previous recording name of UK musician Ross Baker. This album is the coda to a quintilogy of full length albums released between 2004 and 2011. Music of Second Thought has always stayed close to the concept of dream-like travel, troubled wordless travel, and organic journeys. For those familiar with Second Thoughts output, the sound of "Another Setting Sun" fall directly between "Purlieu" and "Leaf Pass". This makes sense seeing that much of the music here was originally recorded before "Purlieu" and finished around the same time as "Leaf Pass". The result is a varied array of moods, paths, and instrumental sounds. Each track is linked together with field recordings, bird sounds, and spoken word snippets. Layered above, is reverberated synths, classical piano, and subdued electronic rhythms. It is equal parts beautiful, ambient, and experimental. A fitting tale of warm endings and new beginnings.

'Another Setting Sun' is a history of my music from the earliest days of Second Thought through to the present. All tracks here are previously unheard, or have been unavailable for the best part of a decade. I hope you enjoy the album as much as I enjoyed putting it together and reliving all of these memories. A million thanks yous to everybody who's listened over the years. ~ Ross Baker

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