dinsdag 3 januari 2012

[FPR062] Dziga – Elephant Remixes

New year, new release on Fresh Poulp Records with their favourite Italian producer, Dziga. Master of hypnotic Wobbles, Roberto offers to you with this Elephant Remixes, 6 dubstep tracks, 6 remixes of several artists including one that we know extremely well at Fresh Poulp, french guy, Guitoud. There are also Jambassa, famous artist on Aquietbump netlabel, but also Utivo Provvisor, Ital Noiz, The Natural Dub Cluster and Mystakite. 2012 isn’t the year the world will end. Begin it with Elephant Remixes, massive dub vibes with heavy Wobbles! Happy New Year, enjoy it !!

Info + Download  Fresh Poulp

Dziga - Elephant Remixes by Fresh Poulp Records

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