vrijdag 25 november 2011

(ca479) Nöno - Juguetes

Juguetes (toys) is the first album of Nöno, a look back at the nostalgia of childhood, the dreams, the noises, the feelings and the thoughs of the child we were back in our infancy. Built half-way between neo-classic sounds, noise and electronica, is a reflexion of everything we were, everything we have lost, everything we can remember, what we are now, and everything that will continue with us until the day we die.

About Nöno:
Nöno is born at the beginning of March, 2008, with the meeting of two musicians, Nacho, from "Bosques de mi Mente", and Nacho, the guitar player from Emerge, thanks to an ad in the internet. They both share a common view on music and the need to create a sound capable of expressing feelings, paint scenes the impressionistic way and bring thoughts, abstract or not, from the past or an unlikely future, to your mind. They also have a feeling for experimentation and a love for toy instruments. With childhood and innocence as palette, they start to "paint" compositions merging classical minimalist music, electronic, folk, ambient, noise, postrock and whatever other style that comes to mind. Some months later Sergio joins the band, bringing a new fresh air of classical melody, and a bit later Dario, in charge of transmuting sound into images and films, joins also. After the guitar player's departure, some guitarist line-up changes occur during 2009, until finally Raul joins Nöno, bringing with him a blow of fresh air to the band.

Nöno makes its first appearance in concert at the "CHill Bill" on the 5th of June of 2009.

Images are as important as music in Nöno, because they both coexist in harmony and one gives meaning to the other. We recommend you to look for the Nöno videos and enjoy Nöno in its entirety.

Nacho (Bosques de mi Mente): Piano, keyboards, xilophone, toy piano, found sounds, background noise.
Sergio: violin, xilophones, melodic noise.
Raul (Klaus Reza): guitar, xilophone, electronic noise.
Dario (VJ Bocho): film projections, electronics, visual noise.

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