zaterdag 17 december 2011

[Hfr023] OdotZed - Unleashed

This time around we move in to the dark underbelly of the UK...with the release of "O'Zed - Unleashed" his world of grime/UK Hip Hop is just the right place for us to be this time of year....

Now here at Housefly Records we come to have our favourites... people that we really hope will break through to the main stream and we know this talented producer from Cambridge is going to be up there with the big guns of GRIME..

For those of you that haven't sampled thew highs of GRIME yet let us fill you in... it's origins are in the east of London which makes this genre totally unique to the UK... It rose out of the last embers of the Dying UK Garage dance scene.... it's mix of complex 4x4 beats and some Bad ass Beastly Deep bass.. making this genre the perfect partner for Dubstep revolution And together they are going to conquer the Music world.... The Change has begun mark our words.

With tracks like Devish Riddims & Ransom his own unique blend of these elements are the perfect back drop to any MC from the UK or Not...

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