zaterdag 7 januari 2012

[ca484] Nice Wings, Icarus! - Aurora

Aurora is a second full-length album by Nice Wings, Icarus! – post-metal\progressive rock band from Kiev, Ukraine. This time tunes sound far more confident and sometimes – experimental, and we`re not talking about tracks timing.

Formed in February 2008 by Yuriy Nagorniy (guitar) and Yuriy Kasyanenko (drums), NICE WINGS, ICARUS! played their first live show ten months later, with Sergiy Zaika (guitar), Vadim Matuzenko (bass) and Daniil Grudzinskiy (violin) being the official members of the band as well. They shape their material during 2009, bearing influences from TOOL, ENVY, PELICAN, ISIS and some other bands, but never imitating someone’s manner or sound.

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